VHR actuator designed by SNRI


Until 2012 cryogenic valves were fitted with standard actuators.
It turned out that these actuators did not meet the marine environment operating conditions, resulting in degradation of components and some dysfunctions.


To solve this problem, SNRI has developed a new generation of actuators, the VHR actuator :

- Adapted to the Navy – 100% stainless steel – corrosion proofed
- Made in FRANCE – designed & fabricated by SNRI

With concern for customers and making the operators’ work easier, the VHR has been designed for a simplified and economic maintenance:
- Limited number of parts
- Each part is identified

Competitive benefits:
- Actuator adaptable to the whole range
- Short repair time: parts in stock
- Installation and maintenance by the manufacturer’s expert staff
- 5 years warranty for parts and labor.


+  Oil damper to solve leaks at extreme conditions


Throughout interventions on the vessels, our technicians have detected some oil leakages around the cover.

After study, it was identified that this oil leakage is mainly linked to a too high pressure generated by the ambient temperature (in case of bunkering period in hot place like in Qatar, Malaysia, … ), which exceeds the maximum temperature defined by the ship technical specifications or after too quick cooling downs of the piping (with valve closed) before the unloading phase.

oil-damper snri

In both cases, it generates a jump of the internal pressure of the upper chamber of the actuator (up to 200 bar if external temperature is near 55°C, refer top graph 2).

To avoid these phenomena (applicable for large size actuators), SNRI has decided to develop an integrated oil damper which allows to withstand these unforeseen oil pressure variations

The results are significant: no more oil leakage - the oil damper absorbs the excess volume of oil and restores it when the temperature drops.  This equipment is easily retrofittable on existing actuators and modification can be done by the crew with no dismantling. Please contact SNRI or VVS to get advice and proposal on this option.


> Ask for the adaptation of your existing actuator with our new VHR. It will extend the life span of valves and reduce the spare parts needed for the routine maintenance