SNRI, key player in the field of LNG, gains even more ground

With a long experience of LNG valves supplying, SNRI offers a complete range of high performance cryogenic globe, gate and check valves for more than 350 LNG carriers in service worldwide.

In 2018 the number of new LNG carrier projects was extremely high, since last year was a turning point for the use of green energy and the share of LNG as fuel for new projects was booming.

Combined with a short delivery request, this number of projects has generated a high turnover with a large volume of cryogenic valves deliveries (around 4 000 pces). In addition, a significant number of high value HP cryogenic valves, tested at 330 bar, was manufactured to be included in the FGSS skids for ME-GI Marine Engine and X-DF engines.

The trend for the 1st Quarter of 2019 has confirmed this boom with the securing of 25 new shipsets, mainly with the 3 big Korean shipyards. This positive situation leads SNRI to improve its organization:

- new manufacturing capacities
- additional assembly and testing line with 2 bunkers to perform high pressure cryogenic tests (up to 420 bar)
- design optimization to meet the specific and new cryogenic valves requirements (cryogenic tests at high to medium pressures, ESD functions,..)
- extension of the Class societies Type Approval in due consideration of the above changes.

Regarding maintenance aspects, 2018 was the highest year with 50 dry-dock assistance around the world (Dubai, Singapore, Ras Laffan, Ferrol, …).  This high number is linked not only to the incredible SNRI installation base (the largest for a LNG shipping valve maker) but also to the added value that VVS technicians can offer to the fleet manager in terms of maintaining the valves’ operating conditions (read the article : "A dedicated maintenance team on board: Valco Valves Services").

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