Pierre-Antoine Tillard testimony

Flash-back on your performance at the Prague European Championship :
« I was quite satisfied when I came back from Prague. After an empty-handed season last year, I didn’t know  what to think about my international level. I performed correct runs, only one penalty over the weekend (2 sec of penalties per touched gate). At the final, I was as fast as the European champion until half of the way, then I lost time at several places of the second part due to slightly wide trajectories, which was positive as I could easily adjust my track. Also, Prague was a course I had never been successful on and it was the first time I had taken part  in the final phase. I like paddling there but can hardly perform. So the 8th place is encouraging for the rest of the season. The atmosphere was great with full stands all along the course and speakers who knew how to set the mood. »


What is your greatest satisfaction ? 

« I became 
European champion per C1 team with avec Denis Gargaud and Cédric Joly, my French team partners. For our 1st race we do perform a great run without penalties. The course was really crosses focused (we have to cross each other in the red gates….) it was not easy! We really had a good time »


équipe de canoe


Any anecdote to share with us? 

« On Saturday, I ran a quite unusual race as I was on a two-seater boat with Denis 
Gargaud so that the French team could compete as C2 per team. We had never been in the same boat before. 20min warm-up to try to find our rhythm, sync. and go! It went quite well and we reached the 3rd place. This race was touching as it was the last one of this category. The International Federation decided to remove it from the Olympics in favor of the lady single-seater canoe in order to comply with the principle of parity (one of the criteria which is particularly considered by the IOC to maintain or not a sport in the Olympic program). Concerning the French C2 crew Klauss/Pêche, they  did the show by cutting their boat after the finish line, as a symbolic gesture of the C2 and their careers’ end»
équipe canoe


Pierre-Antoine Tillard is sponsored by Valco group (D2FC Energy Valves – Guichon – Malbranque – SNRI – VVS) and works for the company computer service. He was 13th last week-end in Liptovsky Mikulas Slovakia.
Next step, two intense weeks with 2 new World cups in Poland  (Cracow) from 25/06 to 01/07 and Germany (Augsburg) from 02/07 to 08/07