KIOGE Kazakhstan Oil & Gas Expo, Oct 2016

Visit from WOODGROUP
Visit from WOODGROUP

Arianne & Marin
Arianne & Marin

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Booth Visitors

''Gateway Kz'' representatives
''Gateway Kz'' representatives

Press Release : Axon Energy Product

VALCO Group in exclusive talks with AXON Energy Products to regain control of MALBRANQUE Up-Stream product range (Wellhead and X-Mas Trees ).



The French group Valco France is entered into exclusives talks with Axon Energy Products in order to regain the control of the Malbranque upstream products range (Wellhead and Xmastree).

More details on the following press release : Press Release

The finalization of the transaction is expected to be completed before the end of 2016.

Canoe-Kayak Champion & VALCO Group



Welcome to Pierre-Antoine TILLARD,  canoe-kayak French National Team champion since 2011, who has recently joined the Valco Group in their computer dept in the SNRI Ruffec site, notably to give support and help maintaining their web site:

His Biography :

Birth Date : Sept. 19th, 1986
Weight : 72 kg /  159 Pounds
Height : 180 cm / 5.9 Feet

Training Coach : Didier Baylacq
Physical Trainer : Paul Boussemart

His Club :  Foyer Loisirs Manslois
Training Team :  Team Kayakinpy

Type of competition boats :
– Canoe single  (C1) ZigZag Fokus
– Canoe double  (C2) Galasport Wanted            Paddle :  Galasport 3M XXL

‘’Over the last 16 years, I have endlessly practiced canoe slalom. Over time, I have been able to build my competitive spirit and motivation via the many competitions that I have participated in. A steady progression has enabled me to win National, European and International medals and rewards and to win the final of the World Championship Cup last year.

To maintain that competition level, I train with the Kayakinpy Team, which enables me to evolve on a white-water stadium of international training quality all year long”.


‘’Good Luck’’ to Pierre-Antoine in his future up-coming competitions and Championships ; the next one in Prague, Czech Republic from August 29th to 04 to September 4th !!

2016 Season…

Canoe single & double

… Australian Open (Penrith, AUS)
… Oceania Championships (Penrith, AUS)

… French Cup N1 (Nancy, FRA)

…  French National Championships (Pau, FRA) April 4th – 10th

… Olympic Training (Rio, BRASIL) April 17th to 30th

… European Championships (Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia) May 7th to 16th

… World Cup 1 (Ivréa, ITALY) May 30th to June 5th
… World Cup 2 (Seu d’Urgell, SPAIN) June 6th to 12th  > Winner !!
… World Cup 3 (Pau, France) June 13th to 19th >  With his C2 partner Edern Le Ruyet, they have won this World Cup competition in Canoe double !!
… World Cup 4 (Prague, Czech republic ) August 29th to September 4th
… World Cup 5 (Tacen, Slovenia) September 5th to 11th

His performance highlights over the last 2 years :


Canoe single

… Olympic reserve in Rio, Brasil
… Runner-up, 2nd place in French National Championships

… Selections with the French Team (for World Cup Championships and European Championship)

Canoe double

… 4th in the French National Championships
… Selections for the World Cup Championships


Canoe single

Winner of the World Cup Championship Final!!
… French National Champion
… National French Team selections for (World cups, European Championship & World Championships)

Canoe double

… 3rd place in World Cup in Cracovie, POLAND

Pierre-Antoine Tillard / Edern Le Ruyet World Cup Pau 2016
Pierre-Antoine Tillard / Edern Le Ruyet
World Cup Pau 2016
Pierre-Antoine Tillard World Cup Pau 2016
Pierre-Antoine Tillard
World Cup Pau 2016


PRO FLUID at WNE in Paris


logo article FDEN

FDEN chooses VALCO Group to become a major developer in the Nuclear valve industry

The FDEN ( Fond de Développement des Entreprises Nucléaires ) held by BPI and other major nuclear actors such as french EDF, AREVA, ALSTOM, VINCI and EIFFAGE has entered into Valco’s shareholding of their brands Guichon, SNRI, Malbranque and V V S in the beginning of this year 2016. In charge of selectionning reknowned fabricants from each branch of the nuclear sector, FDEN has chosen Valco Group for their technical & industrial expertise in nuclear valves and in their continuing efforts and means in becoming a major participant.

‘’FDEN’s coming into Valco’s shareholding will enable us to increase our visibility and comprehension of nuclear markets and applications. Moreover than the financial in-flow that it constitutes, this strong expertise of french and international nuclear industries is a capital point from the start. The Group is growing and to do so with solid support and backing, the network that the Nuclear Fonds offers, is an incredible asset. Furthermore, this new arrival also symbolizes being recognized as an industry technical expert as well as for having an acute vision of future needs whether for nuclear or for general energy requirements, as the wide diversity of Valco’s product range today, enables a strong position even during market crisis. FDEN’s presence, visualized by the nuclear industry will be long-term support which targets to consolidate the domestic industrial community,’’ states Stéphane Galichet, Président of Valco Group France.

Today, Valco Group via its brands names / products SNRI, Malbranque and Guichon, is present in the totality of French nuclear power plants, (including EPR FA3) and also in Belgium, South Africa and China. The French fabricant proposes henceforth a complete range of qualified products from QC level to RCCM Q2: Check valve, Regulators, Back-flow Pressure valves, Globe valves, Control valves, Needle valves, Ball valves, Wedge Gate valves, Parallel or Taper Seat valves, Bleeding valves.

The acquiring end of 2015 of Guichon valves, specialized in customized products for nuclear applications and also technical studies, has come to strengthen wholly this business.

In addition to these brands and products, VVS (Valco-Valves-Services) is a specific part of the Group that services, maintains and renovates on-site whereas Guichon offers exclusive training and studies in the specific sector of nuclear valves.


Multiway sampling valve selector – brand Guichon multiway sampling valve “Areva’’ Quarter-turn Ball valve – brand Mabranque/SNRI/VVS Areva valve


Ball Valve DN50 PN16 – brand Guichon DN50 Parallel Seat Gate valve – brand Mabranque/SNRI/VVS parallele gate valve



About VALCO Group, France


Founded in 1949 and based in Ruffec (Southwest France), Valco Group France (VGF), owner of the Guichon, Malbranque, SNRI and VVS brands, and 320 employees strong, achieved a turnover of 50M€ in 2015. Valco is a world leader in the field of cryogenic valves for the Liquified Natural Gas ( LNG ) industry as well a recognized industrial expert in the nuclear, energy, petrochemical and polymer sectors with a widely installed network base.


IRAN OIL SHOW in Teheran May 5th to 8th, the VALCO Guichon – Malbranque team joined exclusive local agent  IRFACO !

Valco Group SNRI Guichon Iranian Team booth

Valco Group SNRI Guichon Iranian booth   Valco Group SNRI Guichon Iranian Team booth

We were sharing our booth with our exclusive local agent, Ideh Rouyan Fan Avar Company (IRFACO), Registration No.: 355 999,  Tel: (+98-21) 2236-05-06, Fax: (+98-21) 2235-40-74, Email:

Managing Director of Irfaco : Mr Hamidreza Zahedi, Cell: +98 912 139 8008