An experienced staff serving modern and efficient industrial means, permits short delivery lead-times for the whole of the fabrication cycle necessary for producing our range from DN 8 to DN 600, in class pressures PN16 to 420 :

Machining :  Every article and piece used in pressure environment, are machined. 

  • 5 machining centres 5 axes TREVISAN ( working 2 shifts / day )
  • 1 milling centre, 10 x CNC (computerized numerical control ) machines ( turning, lathes, …)

Welding and Hard-Facing

  • Plasma Torch for overlay deposit
  • Automatic and semi-automatic welding of the seats
  • Manual welding (by-pass, accessories,…)

Assembly and Testing

  • Hall for standard materials assembly, specific parts ( grey coloured area), cryogenic parts and valves
  • Test Benches for standard product
  • Test Benches for Cryogenic
  • Test Benches for HP ( High Pressure )
  • Test Benches for Fugitive Emissions

Painting and Chemical Surface Treatment

  • Paint work-shop with heating chamber
  • Sanding and Blasting
  • Chemical Surface Treatment ( passivation, scouring, …)


  • Constantly looking to progress forward and so to stay closest to market needs; SNRI continually invests and has recently furnished its Ruffec, France premises with a new bunker enabling us to perform High Pressure Hydraulic & Gas tests in complete security.
  • The secured enclosure is fitted with a remote control command , a testing bench as well as a deep tub where products can be emerged in liquid nitrogen for testing in extreme conditions ( -196° C / -320° F ).



Key Points of our Manufacturing

  • 70 employees ( Management, techniciens, skilled workers )
  • 8700 m² ( including Warehouse )
  • 1000 to 1500 valves produced and tested monthly
  • Production lines integrated from the reception from the foundries up to packaging and shipment

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