Contact VVS workshop, repair and maintenance
Contact VVS workshop, repair and maintenance


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We can propose « turnkey » works including removal, overhaul and relocation of equipment on site in order to best adapt to our customers’ needs.
These accreditations and trainings allow our technicians to operate within the most demanding industries in terms of maintenance quality and safety.
VVS is opening up to the world and offers knowledge and expertise abroad, particularly relating to cryogenic valves boarded on LNG vessels.

Servicing : Special support teams available to reply  quickly to your requests

For Malbranque or SNRI brand products, VALCO has special support teams ready to reply for your needs of spares, complete valves, their set-up and servicing even for installations delivered long ago. Our teams are also tuned into finding specific re-engineered solutions for all your problems of critical performance and their long-term availability.

Valve Maintenance: Expertise and customized solutions adapted to each requirement.

Photo_Moyens_TechniquesVVS is at your disposition for complete review of your valves, safety valves and diverse industrial valves parts of ALL BRANDS ( even outside of our own ) following your specifications, either on site or in our work-shops.

We also offer a complete range of services for :

  • Pneumatic actuators, electro-pneumatic, electric and hydraulic.
  • Inspection / bleeding regulation
  • Complete refurbishment of Control valves
  • Calibration of transmitters

Security of Processus

Control / Pressure setting – Complete maintenance up-date of your safety valves :

- Spring-loaded Safety valve
- Weight-loaded Safety valve
- Pressure-relief valve / Vacume vent

Range DN : from DN 10 to 400.
Range of Pressure Setting : Up to 250 Bar

Periodic inspections

FireClap & FeederClap :

- 10-Year review in our work-shop or on-site
- Yearly inspection on-site

Back-Flow preventer :

- Obligatory annual inspection / Maintenance on-site
- Customized "all-included" servicing

Safety Valves :

- On-line in place diagnostic of Safety valve / Control of pressure setting
- Off-line material
- Management of your complete factories lines of valves


Specific control and maintenance:

Complete maintenance up-date of valves and their parts on-site or in our work-shops, all brands and types of technology:

- Parallel Seat valve / Taper seat valve
- Globe valves
- Butterfly valves
- Level gauges
- Bleeders
- Check valves
- Strainers
- Regulators

Range DN : from DN15 to 800. Please consult for standard product in higher range.

Regulation / instrumentation

Complete servicing of your instrumentation and Control valves

- Complete maintenance up-date of Control valves
- Calibration of transmitters
- Control / setting of indicators
- Refurbishment of electrical motors
- Support assistance for return to service of your installation

Range of DN : from DN15 up to 300
Range of PN : from PN10 up to PN250

Supervising of technical shut-down’s :

Where-ever the site, our maintenance technicians can assure the supervising and expertise needed for all technical valve servicing (exp: cryogenic products on methane boat carriers during dry-docks or refinery shut-down’s for SNRI, Malbranque or other brands ).