An innovative way to perform inspections.

Inspections are frequent at SNRI : inspection is a way for the customer to check that the requested equipment complies with his expectations and specifications. For the supplier, this stage is one of the major hold points of the product testing process. The inspector therefore comes to attend the tests, endorse the minutes, review the measures, documentation, quality, operation of the valves before shipment to the customer.

This inspection process can quickly become tedious, particularly by imposing a systematic displacement of the inspector on the manufacturer factory site and some waiting times for tests preparation.

The DNV inspection body for example which we regularly work with, approached us to reduce this displacement constraint (and lighten its schedule) by asking us to set up a remote inspection system.

inspection lunettes The solution proposed by SNRI :

Instead of installing simple fixed cameras in the vicinity of the test areas, we suggested them to use our « connected glasses », a device (internal investment) proposed for remote maintenance or intervention activities.

A supplier/inspector win-win: Lighten the inspection body time schedule, (no mandatory presence on site, the inspector has therefore the opportunity to work between the connection times), more flexibility on our part as we only connect when the tests are ready to start (Thus, we avoid useless displacements in case of last minute issues). Saving time and money!

How does it concretely work ? The operator puts the glasses on and gives the verbal instruction to connect to an internal software.

On his side, the inspector has previously downloaded the software on a computer. As soon as the connection is established, he can see all the operator’s manipulations on the screen and interact with him.

This system has been tested and approved with DNV: practicality is its main asset. Effective time for tests performance is quite short, it allows each party to optimize their working time between each test. Another important point, the solution has technically proven its worth in terms of image and connection quality.

This solution is intended for all the customers integrating an external body and/or an internal inspector intervention to their quality plan or industrial valves’ order and allowing this remote inspection mode. Others applications are being developed … more to follow

lunettes connectées

Next exhibitions for SNRI

SNRI will exhibiting twice next month :

  • LNG 19, from April 1st to 5th, in Shanghaï (China) – Booth 4348
  • Neftegaz, from April 14th to 18th, in Moscow (Russia) – Hall 2.1 – Booth B24

salon neftegaz lng 19 snri

Change of management for Valco Group

philippe brel president valco groupPhilippe Brel has been designated since last September 10 as president of the Valco group (DKTC, Guichon Valves, SNRI, Malbranque, VVS) to meet the new challenges proposed by the market and competition. He takes over from Stéphane Galichet.

Valco Agent Seminar

The 3rd agent seminar, 1st for Valco Group, took place in Guichon’s facilities on last June 6th to 9th.

This seminar allowed the international agents to have a technical training on Guichon, SNRI & Malbranque brands, but also to exchange, more or less formally, with the sales team and the employees of Valco.

Here is the video of this 3 days :

Pierre-Antoine Tillard testimony

Flash-back on your performance at the Prague European Championship :
« I was quite satisfied when I came back from Prague. After an empty-handed season last year, I didn’t know  what to think about my international level. I performed correct runs, only one penalty over the weekend (2 sec of penalties per touched gate). At the final, I was as fast as the European champion until half of the way, then I lost time at several places of the second part due to slightly wide trajectories, which was positive as I could easily adjust my track. Also, Prague was a course I had never been successful on and it was the first time I had taken part  in the final phase. I like paddling there but can hardly perform. So the 8th place is encouraging for the rest of the season. The atmosphere was great with full stands all along the course and speakers who knew how to set the mood. »


What is your greatest satisfaction ? 

« I became 
European champion per C1 team with avec Denis Gargaud and Cédric Joly, my French team partners. For our 1st race we do perform a great run without penalties. The course was really crosses focused (we have to cross each other in the red gates….) it was not easy! We really had a good time »


équipe de canoe


Any anecdote to share with us? 

« On Saturday, I ran a quite unusual race as I was on a two-seater boat with Denis 
Gargaud so that the French team could compete as C2 per team. We had never been in the same boat before. 20min warm-up to try to find our rhythm, sync. and go! It went quite well and we reached the 3rd place. This race was touching as it was the last one of this category. The International Federation decided to remove it from the Olympics in favor of the lady single-seater canoe in order to comply with the principle of parity (one of the criteria which is particularly considered by the IOC to maintain or not a sport in the Olympic program). Concerning the French C2 crew Klauss/Pêche, they  did the show by cutting their boat after the finish line, as a symbolic gesture of the C2 and their careers’ end»
équipe canoe


Pierre-Antoine Tillard is sponsored by Valco group (D2FC Energy Valves – Guichon – Malbranque – SNRI – VVS) and works for the company computer service. He was 13th last week-end in Liptovsky Mikulas Slovakia.
Next step, two intense weeks with 2 new World cups in Poland  (Cracow) from 25/06 to 01/07 and Germany (Augsburg) from 02/07 to 08/07

Press release – New logo, new visual identity to carry out Valco Group ambitions

New logo, new visual identity to carry out VALCO GROUP ambitions

Ruffec, 2018, June 06 : With an international presence through its subsidiaries/JV (Algeria, South Africa, Australia, China) and in France by means of 4 production units (Ruffec, Bordeaux, Thiétreville and Chambéry) VALCO Group France is one of the world leaders in the field of multi-technologies industrial valves with the D2FC, Guichon, SNRI, Malbranque, VVS brands. It is specialized in the design, production and maintenance of industrial valves in the fields of oil & gas, energy, natural gas industry with some applications in LNG transport, nuclear, hydroelectricity, refineries, chemistry and petrochemicals, plastics, ….

Constituted in 2009 with SNRI, Malbranque and VVS companies, VALCO Group made the acquisition of Guichon Valves in 2015 (specialist in customized high-performance valves), then D2FC Energy Valves in 2017 (specialist in dam valves for hydroelectricity). As a result of these acquisitions, which enabled to raise the turnover to 50.8 M€ and teams to 380, VALCO Group decides today to make its graphic charter evolve and adopts a new logo as a clear expression of its ambitions.

« This new identity aims at creating a spirit of belonging shared between the different brands of the group, expressing our dynamism and who we are: a worldwide leading expert in valves solutions with a know-how recognized for more than 90 years », asserts Stéphane Galichet, CEO of the VALCO group.

A new logo which is reflecting the ambition and strength of the company, proud to design and manufacture resistant high range products, in a wide range of industrial valves as a result of the synergies and experience of each group entity. This precise and sober contemporary typography combines technological seriousness and professionalism of the products range, in the permanent quest for innovative support solutions.

Valco + base line


The icon takes the brands’ color code over: blue is for industrial environment technical touch but also symbolically recalls the valves’ fluid control. Black color represents the company strength and capacity to create value and innovate.

This visual identity is upgraded with a signature reflecting VALCO commitment: « Leading expert in valves solutions » and the will to pursue its international expansion, closely with its customers.

In the same way, each company and brand within the group has upgraded its logo, allowing to disclose a distinct identity true to each history and origin while signifying their belonging to the Valco group.

Valco+societes 2 lignes

Press Contact :

Annie SEGA – Marketing & Communication Director – tel. +33 (0)4 79 44 59 05

Valco Valves Services (VVS) is now ISO 9001:2015 certified

vvsValco Valves Services (VVS) is now ISO 9001:2015 certified and thus becomes the first Valco group entity to be certified according to the new ISO 9001 standard version.

This last standard version dating from September 2015, reinforces the role of management within the company quality process, integrates risk analysis and external environment consideration.

This certification was obtained without any non-compliance found and therefore reflects the fulfillment of VVS quality commitments towards its customers.

New algerian valve manufacturer

New algerian valve manufacturer and specialist for the OIL & GAS industry ‘’MALBRANQUE ALGERIA’’