An innovative way to perform inspections.

Inspections are frequent at SNRI : inspection is a way for the customer to check that the requested equipment complies with his expectations and specifications. For the supplier, this stage is one of the major hold points of the product testing process. The inspector therefore comes to attend the tests, endorse the minutes, review the measures, documentation, quality, operation of the valves before shipment to the customer.

This inspection process can quickly become tedious, particularly by imposing a systematic displacement of the inspector on the manufacturer factory site and some waiting times for tests preparation.

The DNV inspection body for example which we regularly work with, approached us to reduce this displacement constraint (and lighten its schedule) by asking us to set up a remote inspection system.

inspection lunettes The solution proposed by SNRI :

Instead of installing simple fixed cameras in the vicinity of the test areas, we suggested them to use our « connected glasses », a device (internal investment) proposed for remote maintenance or intervention activities.

A supplier/inspector win-win: Lighten the inspection body time schedule, (no mandatory presence on site, the inspector has therefore the opportunity to work between the connection times), more flexibility on our part as we only connect when the tests are ready to start (Thus, we avoid useless displacements in case of last minute issues). Saving time and money!

How does it concretely work ? The operator puts the glasses on and gives the verbal instruction to connect to an internal software.

On his side, the inspector has previously downloaded the software on a computer. As soon as the connection is established, he can see all the operator’s manipulations on the screen and interact with him.

This system has been tested and approved with DNV: practicality is its main asset. Effective time for tests performance is quite short, it allows each party to optimize their working time between each test. Another important point, the solution has technically proven its worth in terms of image and connection quality.

This solution is intended for all the customers integrating an external body and/or an internal inspector intervention to their quality plan or industrial valves’ order and allowing this remote inspection mode. Others applications are being developed … more to follow

lunettes connectées