A dedicated maintenance team on board: Valco Valves Services

As the largest supplier of cryogenic valves onboard LNG FSU FSRU vessels, SNRI & Malbranque (Valco Group) calls upon “Valco Valves Services” their sister company, dedicated to maintenance and services. VVS is a team of specialists working worldwide, with a strong relationship result of:
- Recognized expertise
- Assistance of ship staff to ensure safe cargo operations.

During vessels drydocking VVS team is in charge of carrying out valves’ maintenance as well as SNRI actuators, replacing original ones by our VHR design dedicated to sea environment (Read the article "VHR actuator designed by SNRI").



2018 figures :

50 vessels drydocking,
1000 valves overhauled
0 guaranty claim after overhaul
0 safety issue

 Valco Valves Services is the specialist of industrial valves maintenance.

Operational branch of the Valco group for Guichon, SNRI, Malbranque brands, VVS ensures assistance and starting up of the supplied new valves.

logo VVS

Furthermore, regardless of the brand of the installed equipment (valve, safety valve or any other valve device) VVS carries out all kinds of valves’ maintenance, diagnotic and commissioning, repair and maintenance, as well as services like the mandatory preventers control.

Strong points are:
- More than 30 years know-how,
- A team of specialists accredited and certified for industrial valves of French nuclear sites,
- A team dedicated to intervention missions and specific technical assistance on cryogenic valves for LNG and LPG industry throughout the world.